Your local expert on Seville and Andalucia

Fiona Flores Watson is an experienced journalist, blogger, editor, content producer and social media consultant based in Seville, Spain since 2003.

She writes for various print and online media about every aspect of living in, and travelling around, Andalucia.

She is available to write all types of articles, copy, and blog posts, and work with social media clients on a short or long-term basis. Southern Spain is her specialist field, but she also writes about hotels, design and family travel.

You can contact Fiona here.

1 thought on “Your local expert on Seville and Andalucia

  1. Hi Fiona,
    We’ve recently started an online magazine for women, something a bit beyond children but before a bus pass. We’re always looking for contributors and love your site. If you’d be interested in writing a piece/letting us use one of your existing pieces that would be ace. Sadly, we aren’t earning from this project, but would of course credit and link your work back to you.
    We publish every Thursday at 8am.
    We’d love to feature your work.
    Kind Regards
    Celia & Lauren of and in other news

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